"GirlsLead - Подпомагане на младите жени да се реализират като социални предприемачи и да поемат лидерски роли в живота си"

Girls lead project will apply innovative methods to contribute to cultivate girls’ professional confidence, employability and enhance understanding for “social entrepreneurship” as an en-trepreneurial model among young women. Through a variety of activities and intellectual out-puts planned target groups representatives (young women, aged 15-29, NEETs) will be given motivation and opportunities to increase the relevance of their competences, skills and atti-tudes to social entrepreneurship, and thus to increase their inclusion and employability. Young women will have access to relevant information and will participate in tailored actions that facilitate and enhance their leadership skills, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and en-hance their ability to influence the future of their society and their own opportunities in their neighborhoods and communities. The project provides guidelines for changing the attitudes towards entrepreneurial learning through effective methods for high-quality youth work based on combination of role models and digital storytelling, applying "confidence-building" measures, and integrating gender perspectives and inclusion actions. Thus, the project will have impact on ensuring inclusive high-quality opportunities to the target groups by providing group relevant actions and strengthen knowledge and acceptance of diversity in society.

Girls lead project aims at providing innovative and flexible ways for young women to get in-volved in entrepreneurial and social learning, enabling them to act as a force for change in their local communities and in wider society, and thus to overcome deprivation, inequality, educa-tional disadvantage and social exclusion.

Girls lead project addresses young women, aged 16-29, NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), with the aim to contribute to cultivate and enhance youth social thinking and con-fidence, to developing their leadership skills, business capacity and deep community connec-tions, and to reduce the opportunity gap for disadvantaged youth. The project is intended to develop a culture of initiative among young women, to improve their leadership skills and help them realise their first enterprising ideas.

Actions are planned in 3 steps:  the first step is to inspire the young women; the second is to train them leadership skills; and the third is to let them get involved and act.

Intellectual outputs:
1. Impact stories: Identifying Role models of young female social entrepreneurs and devel-oping short films of the most successful stories - highlighting role models and lessons learned on young female social entrepreneurs as motivational boost
2.Training program (+ curriculum) for women focusing on leadership skills
3. Web platform "Girls lead”
The platform will provide place and tools to introducing young women to social en-trepreneurship, to connecting youth in partner countries and abroad to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and act in their local and global communities
4. Contest for entrepreneurial idea with social impact.
Young women from the partners countries should present individual or group idea and present it in a creative way (short video, story board, etc.) in the platform. A jury among consortium members will do selection of best ideas, that will be analyzed and consulted and supported for further development, presentation to wider audience and fund-ing. The winning idea from each partner country will be presented in the final conference.

Multiplayer events
Multiplier exploitation seminars will be organised in the last phase of the project for the mem-bers of the target group as well as main stakeholders of the project. During this information workshops the project as well as its results and potential will be presented to the participants, questions will be answered and possibilities for further exploitation and mainstreaming of re-sults will be sought.

Project consortium:
  • Point Europa, Cornwall, UK
  • Inthecity Project Development, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum, Miercurea Cuic, Romania
  • Pistes Solidaires, Pau, France
  • Fondo de Formacion de Euskadi, Bilbao
  • Social Youth Development Civil Nonprofit Society, Kalamata, Greece
  • Avangard Personal Consulting, Dobrich, Bulgaria

Duration of the project: 09.2018 - 10.2020


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