Avangard Personal Consulting offers different training programs for the success of your company.

Our work method is defined from the understanding of the specific pecuniary of every particularly company and the concrete purposes and aims for implementation.
By the process of the training design we work together with our customers and take into consideration their specific needs. During the training we stake on experience and group dynamic by the learning. The group experience gives to the participants the opportunity to explore their behavior, to give and receive feedback, to experiment with a new behavior, to develop acquaintance and acceptance of their own and of the others characteristics.         

After the approval of our training offer we work in the following succession:  

1. Diagnostics of the needs:

  • doing of an investigation according to the customer` request;
  • analyzing of the investigation` results;
  • laying down of the training task.  

2. Preparation of the training
After the needs` analyzing the aims and the modules of the training are defined. Detailed training program is worked out.

3. Implementation of the training
The training is implemented in accordance with the approved program. It is staked on individual or group effect on the basis of interactive forms that bring positive emotions. Different forms of implementation are applied: role games, simulations, case studies, group discussions, working in small or large groups etc.   

4. Training`s analyzing
We work out an analysis with enclosed statistic material for assessment of the achieved headway and recommendation for the further work.

Training modules – examples


Program for open trainings



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