Avangard Personal Consulting offers varied services in the sphere of the human resources for the better management of the companies. We develop every project especially for the clients` needs, according to his vision for the work of the human resources.  

During the service` realization we give to our client the opportunity to have continuous feedback with the purpose of receiving current information about the scrutinize processes and the possibilities for adequate future action.  

Training of personnel – trainings, seminars, teambuilding, organized to order or within the framework of our open training programs.

Human resources planning – defining the companies` needs regarding the human resources and formulating appropriate activities for achieving the organization’s purposes.      
Position analysis and design – investigation of the content, responsibilities, requirements and interrelation of the different positions in the organization; working out of job profiles.    

Employees` testimonial – assessing the level of the work presentment of the employees in relation to the standing standards and formulating of new direction for the improvement of this level.      

Employee recruitment and selection – assessment and selection of specialists for the appropriate position.

Working out a human resources development system – activities with complicated causal connection between them, considered like elements and series of processes in the sphere of the human resources management and development.        

Teambuilding and teamwork – optimizing the team structures according to the future project work. Achieving a maximal adjustment for teamwork, that is oriented to successful attainments.         

Employee motivation and incentivation – creating adjustments and willingness for sufficiency work and optimal realization of the employee` potential purposely the company` aims.     

Psychological diagnostic and consulting – using of specialized psychological instruments for individual and group work with the staff.

Personnel career consulting – career consulting of the employees.

Consultations for organizational development– consulting about the changes in the company and the technology of work; foreseeing the possible problems and working out of plan for their averting.  

For employers:

For jobseekers:

  • Labour mediation;
  • Preparation for job applying;
  • Psychological consulting;
  • Career consulting.



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